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Chicago Sons of Norway Torske Klub History at the 25th Anniversary - 1985

Our History Continued: 1985-2005

by Ken Larson and Robert Alsaker

The Torske Klub has evolved in many ways:

Chris Johansen, Sen. Paul Simon, Ken Larson Ṹ3The location of the klub dinners has moved a total of three times. The first move was from the original Norway Center to the Scandinavian American Cultural Society (SACS) facility in Palatine. When the SACS facility was sold, the dinners moved to the Homestead Restaurant in River Gove. Finally, the dinners moved to their present location, hosted by the Elks Club in Des Plaines.

Torske Klub at the Syttende Mai Parade ⰰ4The Klub has continued its fine tradition of speakers and programs, including notable local, national and international celebrities, politicians, authors, sports figures and many others. Since 1985, we have been visited by Superbowl Bears player Kurt Becker; the late Senator Paul Simon; Chicago Cub Andy Pafko; Sox and Yankees great Moose Skowron; Norwayͩnister of Fisheries and Governor of Troms County, Svein Ludvigsen; Halvard Johansen, Minister of Fisheries to the U.S.; author Jerry Rosholt (쥠Goes to War࡮d many other notable speakers.

Halvard Johansen (Norwegian Embassy, Ministry of Fisheries to U.S. ), Paul Andersen (Norway Consul General in Chicago), Svein Ludvigsen (Norway Minister of Fisheries and Governor of Troms), Robert Alsaker (Torske Klub Boss),- 2003The dinners are essentially the same as 1960, the format changes occasionally. We introduced Norwegian Sweater day for February meetings and corrected the long-time omission of inviting our daughters to the March father/son day. In the last twenty years, the Torske Klub has expanded the role of the raffle, which has served to entertain and financially augment our activities. Our membership continues to grow every year.

The Torske Klub restarted an old tradition in 2002. Answering an invitation by the Madison Torske Klubben, our Chicago group chartered a bus and attended the dinner there. The group repeated this excursion in January 2005. We also continue to participate in the annual Syttende Mai parade and Scandinavian Day in Vasa Park.

The Chicago Torske Klub has also evolved in communications. From the original postcard reminder of the dinner, we have grown to a more informative newsletter and a web site: http://www.torskeklub.org

As we evolve the web site, you젮otice the symbol we created for the internet:
Vikings at Work

We look forward to the next 45 years!



Those at the helm during these satisfying forty five years:

Andrew Highland  1960-1962
Irving Highland     1962-1980
Chris Johansen      1980-1990
Ralph Egeland       1990-1998
Robert Alsaker           1998-

Assistant Boss
Aasmund Rosseland
Ray Newgard
Ralph Egeland
Robert Alsaker
Ray Newgard
Don Hoganson


Claus Nicoll
Karsten Sundby
Ernest Schaaf
Arthus Gufland
Henry Halvorsen
Barney Jacobsen
Orville Larson
Richard Biehl
Gene Kaczmarek

Claus Nicoll
Karsten Sundby
Ernest Schaaf
Ray Newgard
Arthur Gulland
Henry Halvorsen
Barney Jacobsen
Archie Andersen
Orville Larson
David Cornwell
Ken Larson


Previous Photos:

Chris Johansen, Sen. Paul Simon, Ken Larson Ṹ3

Torske Klub at the Syttende Mai Parade ⰰ4

Halvard Johansen (Norwegian Embassy, Ministry of Fisheries to U.S. ), Paul Andersen (Norway Consul General in Chicago), Svein Ludvigsen (Norway Minister of Fisheries and Governor of Troms), Robert Alsaker (Torske Klub Boss),- 2003

Chicago Torske Klub attendees to the Madison Torske Klubben ober 2003

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contact the Editor.

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